the art of human creation.

I think that one of the most human things we can do is to create.

Some people create poetry and prose, filling blank pages with words that evoke emotion and tell stories, some that ring true so powerfully among people who’ve never even met.

Others paint pictures, images that speak a thousand words and mean a million different things to the eye of the beholder… but always mean something to someone.

Some mould clay with their hands. Carving and shaping the mould in their fingers to build a work that can stand alone.

Other people design clothing. Pulling pictures from the never-dusty corners of their minds; some people sketch the clothing that will wrap around warm bodies and protect them. And then, someone takes that fabric that was indistinguishable and brings a design to life, creating movement in the stitches that will walk its way around the world.

Some people build bridges and buildings. They are architects and engineers, bringing people together across rivers or hallways using laws of science and mathematics and creation. Building intricate bridges suspended in air, suspending their creations in time; creations that will long outlive their inventor.

Others see an empty space in a city. They take their tools of experience and muscle-bound memory and step by step build a home; a place that a family can call their own and create memories to last a lifetime.

Some people create children. They pull on courage and love within themselves and dedicate every day to sculpting the little child into a person, strong-willed and with a zest for life and an ability to create on their own.

And some people create violence. They create bruises on unmarked skin and draw fear into the eyes of another; some people write hate speech that tears apart people for the sake of power.

As humans, we create what we know and feel and we express it by finding a blank slate to draw our world upon. It can be beautiful or terrible and everything in between, but it is the way in which we make the internal something we can see and touch and show the world. It is the way in which we show the world who we are. It is the way we show ourselves who we are. It’s the way we feel human, again.


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